Wat is de waarde van Employee Experience in crisistijden?

We transform work hours into great experiences. We drive people.
So they can give their all.

We bring innovation and continuous improvement in HR. Employee Experience (EX) shows how you can humanize business by co-creation and finding out what really works. Not only do we map what your talent expects from their employer, we develop better journeys for them. We are your companion in enriching people’s professional lives. Because everyone deserves the best work experiences and organizations who can provide this are more likely to thrive.


Discover the person behind your employee. What are they like, what do they value and what is it that drives them? How do different types of people experience working for your organization? Find out how engaged your workforce really is and what they point out as moments that make a difference in their journey.


With a clear blueprint based on experiences, we can dream for better and start designing. We will help you re-design journeys and touchpoints, based on co-creation and impact. The combination of plug & play actions, concrete goals and quickly reshaping both, will create unforgettable experiences that will increase job satisfaction.




  • gain insight into the work experience of your employees
  • use this feedback to develop employee experiences by co-creation
  • put people at the center of process design
  • have impact on engagement and retention
  • apply design thinking principles to HR challenges

Jacob Morgan


Drive means an organized effort by a number of people to achieve a goal. A kind of determination or ambition. Everyone should have it. Every organization should enable it. Our unconditional focus is on creating employee experiences that drive and motivate people, teams and organizations. Supported by Antwerp Management School and based on good practices from Belgian companies we discovered the do’s and don’ts of Employee Experience Design. The challenge to engage all talent is the reason why we jump out of bed every morning. We are analysts, facilitators, designers and most of all: we are experience fanatics. You’ll see.



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